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The Dunedin Project 2020

Wow! is a theatre collective and we are always interested in work that is happening in our city. Our planned 2020 work - The Dunedin Project has been put on hold due to the Covid-19 outbreak, but we would like to thank everyone who has contributed during the research and development stage.

Part 1- The Flicks : Remembering Dunedin's Picture Palaces

Dunedin Cinema Past & Future

We are collecting stories and memories of Dunedin Cinema heritage, and exploring how our social connection to the screen has changed over time. Working with Dunedin Public Libraries and other partners, we are developing ideas inspired by the Picture Palaces in our history, that now exist only in our hearts and minds...

To share your stories email with the subject 'The Flicks...'

Part 2 - Party with the Aunties

Celebrations and Singalongs

What makes a Party? What makes a family? How do we know ourselves and our place in the world, through shared music and fun times? .... (Is it really a party if there's no guitar?)

From Māori show bands, to the 'Dunedin Sound', to modern home recording release, how do you connect to your place, through music?